Bachelor’s in Music Education

Study Objectives

By the end of a bachelor’s degree in Music Education,  students should have developed an understanding of the specific artistic and technical skills that will allow them to realise their personal artistic and teaching endeavours. To this end particular emphasis is placed on the acquisition of useful teaching and cognitive techniques, on the study of relevant instrumental and vocal disciplines and the language appropriate to the field of music education. Adequate ability should be achieved in vocal and choral performance, including the study of vocal and instrumental technique for both solo and ensemble settings, taking into consideration the historical context of performance. The student is also expected to acquire specialist expertise concerning the methodology of teaching music, especially their chosen instrument or singing. These objectives should be achieved with a focus on developing the student’s aural and memorisation skills and on obtaining the knowledge specific to the organisation, composition and analysis of music and the relationship between these aspects. Particular care should be given to the development of good control of posture and emotional expression. Further study objectives of the course include the attainment of sufficient skills in musical ICT as well as the study of a second language.

Job Prospects

This course offers students the possibility of employment in the following professions: Music teacher for the introductory stages of the study of music, instrument/singing teacher.

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